Top reasons why everyone must know the basics of first aid, CPR and AED

Whether you are at the mall or at home, working at the office or backpacking around the countryside, medical emergencies can occur anytime. Sometimes, waiting for medical health may put your life or that of someone around you at risk and this is why, every individual must know the basics of AED, CPR and first aid. Where on one hand, CPR or cardiopulmonary resuscitation is a lifesaving method used in many emergencies like drowning or heart attack, first aid knowledge helps in case of wounds, bleeding, nose bleeds and other such problems. The following are the top reasons why everyone must know the basics of AED, CPR and first aid.nursing school program Northern Virginia

It is a fact that 88% of the cardiac arrests occur at home and in order to daeal with such a situation, you must have preliminary knowledge of CPR. Sudden cardiac arrests are not same as heart attacks but knowing how to deal with it can help you save the life of a family member or even a stranger.

Effective bystander CPR provided immediately to a person can either double sometimes even triple the chances of survival and everyone must make it a point to contact a nursing school to learn it.

First aid too is an important skill and by performing certain simple processes and following basic instructions taught in a nursing school, you can save a person’s life or extend the possibility of survival until medical health arrives.

Giving someone first aid at the right time can make a big difference and may save them from a lifelong disability.

It is always better to know these skills and have atleast basic knowledge because these can help you perform noble deeds not just for your own family but for others around you in public places like restaurants, malls, holiday spots, movie theatres and in your office space.

It is a fact that in most cases of medical emergency, it takes at least a few minutes for medical help to arrive. These few minutes can be the time between a person’s life and death. But by knowing CPR and AED, you can make a huge difference by acting fast.

While it may not be possible for you to carry first aid kit and CPR tools everywhere you go but having just the knowledge can also prove useful in case of animal bites, cardiac arrests, fainting and other such medical problems. Most AED nursing schools or CPR and first aid training schools offer many ways to help people in emergencies and don’t always rely on first aid kit materials for the same. However it is advisable to carry a small kit with you on vacations and camping trips etc where chances of injuries, snake bites, animal bites and physical problems may be high. If you wish to learn these basics in northern Virginia, you can log on to .

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